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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 8, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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stages. westbound is doing well but you may find slowing as the rubber news conferenceers check that out. minor delay at the bay bridge toll plaza for cash paying folks, no metering or problems in the upper deck into san francisco. >> now developing news we have been following for 24 hours, a massive state-wide manhunt continues this morning for christopher dorner the former lapd accused of killing a fellow officer. katie marzullo has been tracking the story since it first broke. and donor's former girlfriend is talking. authorities do not know what christopher dorner will do. a school district just announced they will keep the schools closed today. police think donor could be in that area where they found the burned out truck but people are scared especially people who think they could be a target
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like his ex-girlfriend who is talking on "good morning america" this morning. >> it is a scary situation. i have the phone on 9-1-1 when i on the door of the apartment. this will probably end very badly for him. i don't see a peaceful ending in the situation just because he has committed so many heinous acts. >> dorner is a former h.p.d. -- is a former lapd officer who feels he was wrongly fired. he is suspected of kill three people including a riverside police officer. officers in lossance are posted at all stations and dozens mentioned under his manifesto are under protection along with schools in irvine. >> he appears to have planned the rampage sending a package to the office cnn anderson cooper arriving on friday but management just learned of it yesterday containing a dvd, and
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a souvenir coin from former lapd commander bratton. the coin was shot through with bullet holes. >> stay with abc7 all morning long for continuing coverage on the california manhunt, we will go live to katie marzullo at 6:30 for an update on what is happening and "good morning america" will have more with dorner's ex-girlfriend and the latest from southern california at 7:00 a.m. >> police action against a local man sparked a peaceful protest through san francisco's mission district. the group started at 24th and mission. we flew over the march as it went to the rally at the mission police station. this sparked the protest, demonstrators say police brutally beat a college student who is facing charges of resisting arrest. >> happening now a blizzard is approaching the east coast and as a result, airports from chicago to boston are bracing for complete shut downs. this is how new york's la
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guardia airport looked with passengers anticipating up to 30" of snow and waited in long lines to get out before the worst of the storm arrives, the east coast blizzard is impacting blizzard to and from the bay area and cornell joins us from spa with the impact it is having on us. >> lot of frustrated travelers. if you were trying to travel to any airport in the northeast it is not looking good, we have been checking all morning at least 30 flights have been canceled out of sfo alone. folks showing up for united flights to boston, newark, john f. kennedy, and philadelphia are being directed to a special counter on how to rebook because the flights have been recanceled including flights to chicago and detroit. in the east, folks are stocking up on food and gas, schools are closing, airports may close, too, if predictions of 2' or 3
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feet of snow and the stress level is rising for many travelers who are just trying to get home. >> it is frustrateing now but it is possible it will be highly frustrated in the following hours. >> we have no clue. they are saying it is the weather but montreal is used to snow so we do not understand what is going on. this is not normal. we waiting. >> the flight through chicago was canceled and i am told that 55 arrivals and departures threw sfo have now been canceled today and at least 2,000 flights nationally including self flights from oakland international if you are flying to the northeast, then, call your carrier, your airline carrier ahead of time before you come to the airport. you could save yourself a lot of frustration.
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i talked with an airline employee who expects the next couple of days to be very frustrating and hopes everyone brings their patience to the airport. >> two men threatened to kill a school custodian unless he told the robbers where the school ipads were kept. police say the robbers forced custodian to lead them to the ipads used duct tape to bind the man to a deck. they stole 40 ipads and ran away. the custodian was not injured. >> the theft of electronic devices is soaring in the bay area. san francisco police say half the robberies in the city are now cell phone robberies. people are distracted using their cell phones are more vulnerable. there was a hearing on what is being done to prevent the crime. currently, the district attorney is in talk with the industry to track phones or how to make the
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products less valuable. >> facebook users get an error message trying to track their friends. >> rescuers had no obligation to pull a man to safety from the water in 2011.
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>> we are back. we have live doppler 7 hd tracking showers moving through san jose and santa clara valley and gilroy. they are sliding to the southeast and they are dissipating in the northern section of the bay area. in the south bay you will deal with the showers the next couple of hours. temperatures under clouds in the low-to-mid 50's. as we head forward in time we will see temperatures slowly migrating to where they should be with a dry push tomorrow mid-to-upper 50's and mid-50's to 60 with sun on sunday and mid-50's to the coast and low 50's for the rest of us. sue? >> in fremont, we have an accident, two cars off the
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embankment south 680 before scott creek. this could be delays beyond that. southbound 101 at 85, a moment ago, three lanes cleared of an accident. it is the reverse commute. we are not seeing too much slowing southbound direction. and this accident is on the flat section blocking the right lane and shoulder and delays behind that eastbound in the reverse commute and not too much slowing westbound because of rubberneckers so that is not a bad drive in the westbound direction. walnut creek is looking good southbound 680 toward 24. kristen and eric? >> a judge could rule by today whether the family of a man who drowned in the waters off alameda can sue the city. the 53-year-old wandered neck high to the frigid waters off crown beach in a suicide attempt. police and firefighters stood by as he drowned. budget constraints at the time
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kept firefighters from being recertified to carry out a water rescue. the attorney says first responders did nut have legal duty to help the man. >> a bay area company is likely to be the darling of wall street this morning. that is leading to a stock surge for
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>> daly city, dublin and los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> this is radar showing rain right now.
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as it hits the higher elevation it towns to a winter mix. coming from the snow grade, mission boulevard, the rain stops right there before you make the sharp left-hand turn where you pick up the rain again, especially toward lafayette street headed back to sunny veil where we have rain stretching to cupertino. the best showers are over the ocean and to the south and we will be in the 50's this afternoon with increasing sunshine. eric and kristen? >> a high speed pursuit ends in a fiery crashed. police chased a car on interstate ten and it skidded and burst into flames. this happened on wednesday note in los angeles. officers immediately pulled over, put out the flames and pulled the driver out. he is hospitalized now but he will face charged when he is
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released. >> more on the airlines expecting to take delivery of the new boeing 787 dreamliner jets but they will have to wait longer. norway may not get their first airliner as scheduled. they plan on using the dreamliner for the new york to bangkok route. the airline did not say if it was issues because of the batteries or another reason. the jets around the world are still grounded as the regulation into the battery problems finances. >> facebook prevented a bug from using the site. the bug affected users would linked to other third party sites including the huffington post and hulu. rather than seeing facebook, they saw an error page. the bug lasted only for ten minutes but analysts say this
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highlight what happens can happen when a webs is connected to so many others. >> and the darling of wall street could be linkedin with shares jumping 10 percent after hours yesterday following the release of the latest earning report saying earnings jumped 66 percent. the site reported 15 million new users. the stock has tripled from the i.p.o. price of $45 a share in may of 2011. >> the 2012 election could be over but president obama is still on the campaign trail. democratic party officials say the president will hold 14 different fundraising events this year for democrats campaigning for congressional seats. most of the events are held outside of the nation's capitol. democrats are looking ahead to the mid-term elections and the party wants to regain the house majority it lost in 2010. a group of four senators working
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behind-the-scenes on a bipartisan bill to expand background checks on sales is reportedly making significant progress of the the legislation they are working on requires background checks on private gun purchases made with non-licensed gun dealers. if the group can get a bipartisan propose it could get support from other conservative republicans who right now are opposing president obama's gun control plans. >> on this friday morning, that is the good news, but slick roads are not so good news. >> where are they? >> it rains most everywhere. the wet weather has ended but for the south bay where you were left out of the rain this time yesterday morning. you getting it this morning. to the southeast from the roof camera, as we look under the bay bridge toward the port of oakland you can see the clouds hanging around. most of the wet weather is out
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over the ocean or in the santa clara valley and headed down to the south. by 9:00, we are all going to be cleared of the wet weather. we will see increasing sunshine today and temperatures like this will be more pronounced tomorrow. we have 30's in the north bay and a chance of frost. these are warmer temperatures than tomorrow morning and throw mid-40's around the bay and 43 in san francisco and oakland is 44 and 43 in fremont and mountain view and san jose and headed to the monterey bay, 43, and inland in salinas and 40 for fill provide and santa cruz. clouds and dry this afternoon and clear tonight, and the frosts inland valley is possible, so the pets and plants need to be protected. a warming trend begins tomorrow. temperatures are closer to acknowledge by the end of the weekend, but today, not such as the area of low pressure pulls down the cold air and kicks off showers in the south bay and to
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the upon tray bay you can see how quick lit i clears and the sun comes out for lunch and in the afternoon we have clouds. temperatures drop rapidly when the sunsets and it will be cooler this evening than it was last night. we have king tides coming in today at 9:28 and tomorrow at 10:21 so watch out for that. those are the high of the tides this month. headed down to public bell -- pebble beach a few scattered showers, but saturday and sunday will be better, with lows around 41 and highs around 52. our temperatures today are low-to-mid 50's. we are going from three to seven or eight degrees cooler-than-average even with the afternoon sunshine and the frost tonight, inland, we will spring board to mid-to-upper 50's under sun tomorrow and make a run in the 60's away from the coast monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, but not
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a drop after this morning. have a great day. >> back to the san mateo bridge where we still see flashing lights in the eastbound direction with the accident and now on the right shoulder. it does not look to be blocking any lanes of the highway but the traffic lights are headed in the eastbound direction and remain slow as you can see just about ready to clear that out of there. eastbound is busy, rather, westbound is busy with slowing beyond the scene of the accident. minor delays at the bay bridge toll plaza but the metering rights have not yet been turned on. that will happen any time. back alabama to -- back to south fremont, two cars are on the embankment. >> do you feel lucky? you could have a new opening for gambling. >> days after the first super bowl appearance, kaepernick is
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because our focus is you.
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>> check out live doppler 7 hd picking up a shower around san mateo and redwood city and a couple more showers in the south bay with the white where we have the higher elevation snow with the level down do 2,500'. be careful south of the san mateo bridge with wet weather
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possible headed to the south. down through the grapevine to los angeles and san diego we have wet weather and mountain snow and snow in the grapevine. headed to tahoe we have sunshine coming out late today but snow mostly and then temperatures in the mid-30's with sunshine this weekend and cool showers in los angeles with temperatures below average even with sunshine saturday and sunday and upper 50's to low 60's. eric? >> state lawmakers are trying again to give california part of the huge sports betting pie, a bill is introduced to legalize sports betting in the golden state. an argument is millions bet in las vegas for super bowl and other events come from those in california who drive across the border. federal law prohibits sports betting in all but four states including nevada. fans bet a record $99 million on this year's super bowl. >> at the pebble beach pro-am
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the lead is six under par. defending champion mickelson is five shots back after shooting 71. condoleeza rice is an amateur competing in the tournament and had a nice chip out of the rough but during the round she had a shot that hit a woman on the head. she is fine. rice apologized and had an assistant get her phone number. she carry as 17 handicap for betting golfers. 49ers quaterback catcher -- kaepernick has new body art with tattoos on the chest "against all odds." he soon will run out of real on his body for more ink. >> the super bowl is over, baseball is the talk now, ahead the big party this weekend for fans of the world champion san francisco giants. >> first we will follow developing news, a manhunt for
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dorner where investigators are searching today. new information about the woman shot by officer whose thought she was dorner. >> we are watching the rain. we will tell you what it is like outside.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:29 on this friday. >> it is friday. >> say that again. >> it is friday. >> that is what i needed. mike has a look at the forecast. where is the rain? >> great question. it is still out there. scatters about. the wine country and livermore getting wet weather. you can see 84 is wet right now with light rain.
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headed down through this area, still looking at mountain snow just in the diabolo range, stretching back through downtown san francisco with wet weather and heads to cupertino and to campbell and further south a better chance of rain with light-to-moderate around morgan hill and a few sprinkles on the san mateo bridge. this is headed to the southeast and they will mostly stay below or south of the san mateo bridge where our showers will remain the next couple of hours. they will then fade to clouds this afternoon and 50 to 56. be prepared this evening it will be cooler but clear with nice clean air tonight at 40 to 50 in the evening. sue? >> no coincidence, the accident
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is at scott creek road where you saw the rain coming down, we have an accident, a car east embankment and a tow truck could not get it out of this, so they are calling a heavier truck which could be there for a while blocking the tow trucks or emergency crews blocking the right lane. westbound 580 a stall has been cleared. there is slow traffic as you move into the dublin/pleasanton area with a 30-minute drive here. southbound 680 through walnut creek brake lights through north main and traffic is moving nicely to san francisco. san rafael is go out of novato to central and southern marin. no delays here. kristen and eric? >> we continue our storm watch this morning with abc7 reporter amy hollyfield on highway 17 in
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the santa cruz mountains with more on the hazardous commute. amy? >> it is fought raining right now but the streets are wet and they are still dangerous. look at this picture, a viewer sent us this picture of a spinout she was involved in year flipping the car five times on highway 17 during the wet weather. she is okay. she suffered bruises and scrapes but she is fine. a good example to keep in mind although it is not a downpour out here, the weather does not seem treacherous it is dangerous. here is video of what we have experienced the last few hours in the bay area, a good soaking starts last night and san francisco saw a good amount of rain and daly city and the whole bay area got wet last night and it is time. january was very dry for us after a wet december. people probably put their umbrellas appear mid-january and
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thought we what not see rain again the third most dry january on record but the wet weather is back. grab the umbrellas. you will have a wet breakfast, probably going to have a dry lunch. something to keep in mind. watch out for the roads. they are wet and can be dangerous. slow down this morning. amy hollyfield for abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 for continuing coverage of the rain now falling. a reminder you can traffic wet weather with live doppler 7 hd and >> back to developing news from southern california the alert level has intensified as officer continue the search for former lapd officer wanted for three murders. katie marzullo is tracking all the new developments in the newsroom. >> amid the terror of a man opening fire on police officers
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in los angeles county, officers fired on a truck similar to the one they thought the suspect was in and they shot two innocent people. one was a 71-year-old woman delivering newspapers with her daughter. she was shot twice in the back and is in intensive care right now according to the "los angeles times" with authorities believing the suspect, christopher dorner is in san bernardino county because they found his truck there but he could be hours away. there was a false report, possibly a hoax, near san diego last night, and several locations and dozens of people are underguard in los angeles because he has named them as targets. >> we don't though what he is going to do. we know what he is capable of doing. we need to find him. >> in the last hour the county school district of san bernardino is keeping the schools closed. they were closed yesterday. ski resorts which were closed yesterday will re-open.
6:34 am
police are searching the areas' 400 homes. law enforcement is giving an update at 9:00 a.m. so watch for the latest at and abc7 news at 11. >> stay with abc7 for continuing coverage of the california manhunt for christopher dorner. "good morning america" team is in southern california and will bring us updates at 7:00 a.m. >> a vigil is held tonight for a 13-year-old girl found murdered in fairfield last week. her body was discover add week ago today at the park in fairfield. the vigil will be held at the same park at 6:30 tonight. fairfield police are asking for the public's help in finding the killer. investigators are not commenting on any possible suspects. >> it will be a memorable ceremony for 85 new highway patrol officers sworn in this morning as the c.h.p. academy in
6:35 am
west sacramento. the class is in honor of fallen officer who was gunned down during a traffic stop last september off interstate 680. his family members will attend the ceremony and help pin the badges on the newly sworn officers. >> google is hoping to have their own runway at the san jose airport to take off and land the corporate jets any time. there is a deal to build a new aviation facility on the west side of the airport. here is a rendition of what it would look like. the mercury news reports the privately funded $82 million facility would serve as a private airport for google and other large corporate jets bringing in a lot of hundred for the airport, more than $2.5 million a year in rent alone. >> showers falling here in the bay area, a much different story on the east coast, ahead, the blizzard barreling down the east coast and the impact. >> football is over, right?
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now, let's get ready for baseball. the fan fest happening this weekend bringing giant fans up close with the world series champions. >> speaking of showers, here is a look at live doppler 7 hd tracking the end of the storm bringing showers. traffic and weather
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>> we are back at 6:40. good morning, everyone. not what you want to see in the south bay. 680, north capital avenue there, all wet headed up in elevation you can see at 2,500' it turns into a winter mix of snow. now over to cupertino we have rain right here, the best way on miller avenue and this is
6:39 am
sliding to the south again. it will be out of here by 9:00. look in increasing sunshine today with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's. sue? >> breaking problem on the bay bridge with a motorcycle down before treasure island you can see jammed now bumper to bumper westbound to the scene of the accident. a tuck in front of the motorcycle drop as big chunk of metal and he hit it and went down so ambulance is en route. expect major delays on the upper deck. as you get to the western position of the span it has improved so coming off the bay bridge not a problem but right now the upper deck is jammed from the toll plaza after the metering lights. it is light here behind the toll plaza with no metering lights but on the upper deck you saw the delays. south 680 before scott creek the accident off the shoulder but crews are waiting for a tow truck to get the car out of the embankment. kristen and eric? >> tomorrow giants fans have the
6:40 am
first opportunity sin the parade to see the world series champions in person holding the 20th annual fan fest tomorrow at at&t park at pier 48. this is video from last year. with 40,000 fans expected, they have reconfigured the lay out. long lines and wait times are expected for autographs. you can take pictures with the 2010 and 2012 world series trophies at pier 48. admission is free. it runs from 10:00al to 3:00 p.m. there are other cool things to do for the kids including playing catch. >> mike will tell you the forecast. trading is underway on wall street. you can see where the dow is, it is up, 47 points, or 48 points next, to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> coming up, first, east coast airports are bracing for a historic
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>> san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, redwood city and palo alto, and east palo alto, doppler is picking up light rate and massachusetts avenue you can see palo alto avenue that is where the light rain is falling, sliding down to the south. if you live southeast, palo alto , toward mountain view, there is light rain coming your way. the entire system is sliding to the south and it is going to bring rain in higher elevation snow in southern california. please call lady to -- ahead. tahoe is 28 but mid-30's with mainly sunny conditions this weekend and the showers are only
6:44 am
58 in los angeles, and more sunshine with temperatures below average near 60 saturday and sunday. and now josh and "good morning america" and what coming up. >> good friday original. we are learning more about christopher dorner the former lapd officer suspected in the deadly rampage. his ex-girlfriend is tell up she fears for her life and we will have an update next right here on "good morning america" just ahead. >> that is in 14 minutes. >> the company that operates the power at the super dome in new orleans says it now knows what was responsible for the power outage on super bowl sunday, saying a relay failed on sunday. the device was installed to protect the superdome from a power failure which cut lights to half the stadium for 34
6:45 am
minutes, halting play between the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers. >> there could be power issues resulting from the blizzard we are following on the east coast. already, that is impacting travel to and from the bay area. we just checked the latest flight conditions and san francisco international airport is reporting 55 flight cancellations related to the east coast and 38 departures and 17 arrivals. oakland has report nod cancellations so far and we are checking with mineta san jose international airport and we will keep you posted on possible flight cancellations there. >> we are learning new details of a pricey grand opening celebration for the new bay bridge proposed labor day grand opening celebration including plans to allow 125,000 people to walk across the bridge before the new span opens to traffic costing more than $5.5 million to pay for the big event and basics like transportation and security. a nonprofit group has to raise the money. the idea is discussed at a
6:46 am
public meeting next week. >> and san jose mayor is hoping residents will agree to a tax increase to fund the police department laying out the land in the state of the city address saying although there is a small surplus this year, it is still not enough to beef up the struggling police department. layoffs, and pension reforms have shrunk the department to under 1,000. the mayor promises to add 200 officers over the next two years but the union wants more. >> we are looking for sheas to pay competitive wage for police officers. the rate now is much less than any of the surrounding cities. >> in 2014 we can explain to the public to they give us additional revenues we will restore services. >> the mayor is suggesting up to half a percent sales tax increase. the measure cannot go before the voters until next year. >> talk about timely, considering what going on in the east coast, searchers are going to extremes to figure how
6:47 am
extreme weather damages property. >> headlines that could break chocolate lovers heart, from jane king live at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, believe it or not bloomberg learned that someone hired by insurance groups is making balls that can be fired 76 miles per hour to mimic hail to study what happens to different kinds of shingles and siding and other building materials in a hailstorm. winter storms have caused $28 billion in damage the past 20 years so they are the third largest cause of catastrophic property damage behind hurricanes and tornadoes. now, apple shares this morning, getting extra attention lately after they are in discussion about returning additional cash to shareholders who have $130 billion in cash. over all markets look good. people are focused on the snowstorm so the markets are
6:48 am
more quiet but we are positive. the silicon valley looks like that, and shares of linkedin arrest active with better profit in sales because of growing base. a price of a chocolate kiss expected to go up next valentine's day, 2014. friday is the best day to list your market, those homes sell at a higher rice and faster than those sold on any other day of the week. live from the new york stock exchange for bloomberg news. >> thank you. awe do have breaking news regarding traffic on the bay bridge, perhaps that explains why you see very few cars. maybe there is a block of traffic on the westbound side. >> it is on the western side of treasure island, a motorcycle down. this is the incline, just
6:49 am
inching along now on the upper deck moving toward the tunnel. what happens a motorcycle was going along, a truck in front of it dropped debris and the motorcycle it hit. the motorcycle is down. the truck that had the debris is blocking a lane. they are waiting for the ambulance to arrive. there is the bay bridge commute. take bart if you are traveling into san francisco. this will be a while. here is what it looks like. metering lights are on since 6:15 but now they have slowed it down and traffic is backing toward the macarthur maze so, again, bart, doctor way do go, and muni and california train and mass transit is on time. >> i will take it. >> you have been busy with all the accidents and live doppler 7 hd has been busy tracking the rain with the best chance mostly in the south bay. a few showers are possible on the peninsula but we are looking
6:50 am
at the system winding down and headed down to the south. all the storms will be headed down to the south right now in 20- to 25-miles per hour and you can see the clearing as we look up to the north the now, what is going on as far as temperatures. we are running in the mid-30's but in the bay we are the low-to-mid 40's and lower tonight, and low-to-mid 40's for the monterey bay. cloudy and dry this afternoon and clear tonight, and cold, want out for frost inland and warming trend tomorrow. now, yesterday's cold front is well out of the way, the trough moving through right now is the last bit of energy with this system but with the counterclockwise show it will try to mutt -- push the showers through our neighbor. by noon, mostly sunny-to-partly cloudy. in the evening hours, it will chill quickly so expect to need a heavier coat.
6:51 am
headed to the beaches or around the bay shore we have king tides at 9:28 and tomorrow at 10:21 and to pebble beep, scattered showers and bottom own at 41 degrees and topping at 52. headed to fan fest, tomorrow, at at&t park, 48 at 10:00 and 55 degrees at 3:00. enjoy that day with mostly sunny skies. >> sunny tomorrow and into sunday and temperatures warming two or three degrees each day. next week is mostly sunny and dry and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. eric and kristen? >> thank you. ahead five things to know before you go. >> the morning news ret
6:52 am
>> and now the abc traffic center, the bay bridge is mid
6:53 am
way on the screen you can see blinking flashing lights what going on on the other side of treasure island we have a motorcycle down, hit metal debris and the truck that dropped the debris is blocking a lane, so, there goes the bay bridge commute very slow on the upper deck, so the emergency crews are trying to get through as you can see traffic is bumper to bumper from beyond the toll plaza now backing up to the macarthur maze. pest way -- best way around this is bart or take the san mateo bridge. kristen and eric? >> we are ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know. number one, southern california remains on alert amid a manhunt for a suspected killer christopher dorner and schools are closed in san bernardino county and officers from los angeles to san diego are documenting up on patrols and amending themselves outside police stations. dozens are people have been named as targets and remain under guard this morning. >> a huge blizzard is approaching the east coast and
6:54 am
expected to cripple weekend travel. more than 3,000 flights have been canceled nation-wide including 57 out of sfo's canceled just this morning. >> breaking news from new orleans, we learned what caused the power outage during the super bowl. the power company says a faulty electrical device, a relay, caused it. the device is designed to prevent such a failure. >> number four, abc has confirmed former president george h.w. bush was the victim of a computer hacker and confidential e-mails and photos and personal information were obligated by a hacker and several altered photos have surfaced online. >> 85 c.h.p. cadets will dedicate graduation this morning to fallen bay area c.h.p. officer who was gunned down during a traffic stop on interstate 680 in september. his family will pin badges on the new officers at the c.h.p. academy in west sacramento.
6:55 am
>> mike? >> live doppler 7 hd has been very busy this morning and you can see the showers moving or rotating to the south but we will pinpoint where we have rain this morning, you can see south 7, the expressway, that is where we are seeing wet weather. east palo alto and redwood city will have wet weather. clouds this afternoon and low-to-mid 50's. >> back to the bay bridge, toll plaza metering lights are on and sig-alert for the upper deck with a motorcycle down on the western side of treasure island, emergency crews are trying to get to the seen and you can see the bumper-to-bumper traffic. bart or san mateo bridge at this hour. >> the abc morning news continues in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" next.
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good morning, america. breaking news the west. massive manhunt growing across three states for the heavily armed ex-come on the run. his burned-out car found near a popular california ski resort. this morning, his ex-girlfriend speaks out. breaking now, collision course. those two, big storms sets to collide today and create an
6:59 am
extreme blizzard for the northeast. 50 million in the path. up to three feet in some places. thousands of flights already canceled. panic shopping setting in. sam and ginger lead our coverage of the blizzard of 2013. presidents hacked. the secret code for the house of george w. bush compromised. personal photos stolen from the entire family. and an abc news exclusive. brand-new home movies of little ethan, the brave 5-year-old who survived that harrowing week-long hostage standoff in alabama. his brother revealing the incredible call to the family when ethan was saved. good morning, to all of our viewers in the west. just 12 days until robin's re


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